EddySonix® Eddy Current Testing

EddySonix-EC is a high-performance, easy to use, and economical Eddy Current tester that offers 100% inspection of critical components and materials. Eddy Current testing uses electromagnetic induction to detect flaws in metallic materials. The technique can be used to test components for properties such as hardness, case depth, temper, alloy, material mix, stress, machinability and dimensions (low frequency mode), as well as crack detection (high frequency mode).

EddySonix-EC principle of operation is based on multi-frequency analysis of harmonics and phases. During calibration or learning, a database of reference parts including good and different defective parts is made. Typically, the database can be set up with 100 to 500 good parts from different production batches. Various defective parts can be optionally included in the database.


EddySonix-EC it has the capability of real-time and simultaneous monitoring of multi-channels at multi-frequencies. Multi-channel testing allows local inspection of multiple critical points. Simultaneous multi-frequency testing applies a synthesized wideband signal to the coil. Hence, the test is much faster than traditional sequential testing of single-tone frequencies, and provides maximum sensitivity to identify a wide variety of defects.


EddySonix-EC can run in real-time scanner mode that allows scanning or continuous inspection of parts such as tubes and bars, while the eddy current probe or coil is moved into or over the part.

A large variety of data viewing tools are available to compare the test results of a new part with the statistical features of the reference parts in the database.



Hardness testing of ferrous materials and alloys


Heat treatment verification such as surface hardness, case depth, and temper


Testing of structure, material mix, alloy content in cast iron and steel


Crack Detection


Real time scanning of tubes and bars


Dimensions and thickness measurement



  • Accurate, repeatable, and high speed test
  • Easy to use, user friendly interface
  • Best for high volume 100% quality control
  • Simultaneous multi-frequency test ranging from 10Hz to 30kHz for hardness and structure test, and 50kHz to 500kHz for crack detection
  • Analysis of amplitude, phase and harmonics at each frequency
  • High output current to test hysteresis loop and higher harmonics
  • Scan mode (linear and rotary) with highly spatial resolution to detect local variations and crack
  • Multi-coil mode (up to 8 coils) for local testing of parts
  • Sweep frequency mode to examine frequency response of materials
  • Various tools for data and statistical modeling to sort the parts. Possibility to learn and calibrate with only OK parts.
  • Can be integrated with EddySonix-AR Acoustic Resonant system
  • Easily automated for customer needs
  • Clean process: no part preparation, no consumable expenses, no coupling liquids
  • Industrial computer, robust against noise and dust
  • User friendly, Windows-based interface
  • Documentation and statistical reports



Custom-designed coils, probes, and fixtures for various applications


Custom-designed multiple-coil with mechanical units for local testing


Coil multiplexer to support 8 coils


Custom-designed saturation and demagnetization units


Linear or rotating mechanical units for scanning